Inl 2006, the state of Veracruz began construction of a university level institute inside the nursery  for a degree
course in tropical wildlife and plants. As of 2009 the building is still unoccupied.
Vivero Catemaco (tree nursery)
In 1992 the Veracruz government established a state run vivero (plant nursery) on 20 hectares in Pozolapan,  
with an annual capacity of 15 million tropical trees and plants.

The faciliy produces mostly tropical hard woods and fruit trees like mangos. Recent efforts have
concentrated on bamboo seedlings.

By 1994 about 680,000 plants were produced and at one time more than 25 workers attended the nursery.
The vivero fell into disrepair for many years until in 2006 an infusion of 600,000 pesos was allocated to
rehabilitate it, and its capacity was quoted as 6.5 million plants.   

The vivero fronts onto the laguna, and some nice hikes are possible there.