MEXFAM of Catemaco meanwhile developed into a full fledged Catemaco medical clinic. The site in Pozolapan opened an education
Center, primarily for young people. And the resident owner, who has been part of this effort since its inception, created a home for
the snakes of Los Tuxtlas, on its beautiful location on the side of the Pozolapan river entering the Laguna Catemaco.

Closed for a while, El Teterete recently reopened again as a restaurant and "beach resort" on a weekend basis. Food is served
Fridays to Sundays (limited menu) and the snake pits are available to visitors for a 10 peso donation. Boatmen are ready to explore
the surrounding shore line including the "infamous" La Hoya cave for 35 pesos worth of rowing. And bird and plant watchers will
enjoy the Laguna  cornucopia of flora and fauna
El Teterete Restaurant
Pozolapan, Laguna Catemaco
If creepy crawling things are on your menu, there is no finer place to visit than El Teterete. The term teterete
refers to a small lizard with a head comb that knows how to walk on water. It is sometimes described as the
"Jesus lizard".

Twenty some years ago The MEXFAM organization, (a Mexican reproductive health foundation)  established a
foot hold in Catemaco supported by Japanese interests. In cooperation with local interests, many health
programs to serve the poor inhabitants in the hills surrounding Catemaco were developed.

Somehow, a small enclave was established in Pozolapan, Catemaco, which, many years later, still has the
flavor of Japanese construction techniques.
South Shore of Laguna Catemaco
to the facility. Public transportation is via private taxi (about 60 pesos), or communal Pirata to the center of Pozolapan and
then a 3/4 mile walk. A boat will charge 300 or a lot more pesos from the Catemaco malecon.

Contact: 294 943 0620