Leave Catemaco to the north towards the beaches, turn right towards Coyame and continue to Tebanca, where the
paved road ends. A few miles further, exit left into the Rio Cuetzalapan valley, then uphill about 4 miles. Near a sign for
Poza Reyna, un unmarked gate leads to a dirt road with 5 gates to the rancho.

There is infrequent pirata service (communal taxis) from the north depot in Catemaco.

Note: avoid road past Tebanca after heavy rains. App. 16 miles (1 hour) from Catemaco.
Open year round by appointment.

Minimum fee: Negotiable depending on activity, all day 50 pesos per person
(Technically, you should also be wearing a 20 peso Biosphere bracelet)
phone: (294) 944 6126 Telcel, prefix 045
Rancho Flores is a working farm and private ecological reserve that recently opened its doors to visitors.
The ranch is located along Catemaco's largest river, about 700 feet above the southern shore of Laguna Catemaco in the
Sierra Santa Marta foothills.

The owners arrived from Cordoba, Veracruz in 1975 to take advantage of the then popular invasion of the Los Tuxtlas to
convert them into cow pastures. Fortunately, the family had an ecological bent, and preserved most of its 120 acres in
their natural state. In addition, previously deforested areas have been replanted and various other ecological projects are
under way.
Less than 2 years ago the ranch opened to visitors, but as of today, still lacks basic infrastructure. Walking tours are
available, and camping is encouraged, although reserved for true wilderness campers or urban masochists. Basic food
service is also available.

The primary attraction of the ranch is the river running through the property, featuring an attractive waterfall and numerous
Cerro Vígia (Lookout Mountain). Within walking distance is Catemaco's most fabulous Cola de Caballo waterfall and the
rapids of Poza Reina.

Last update: June 2010
campground and latrine
owner's home and fish tanks
A swimming hole in a narrow gorge
a video provided by the owner
The Rio Cuetzalapan Valley
Poza Reyna -  waterfall and swimming holes
Cola de Caballo - horsetail waterfall
Poza Azul - a hanging bridge and swimming holes
Rancho Flores - a very basic ecotouristic ranch

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Rancho Flores
Catemaco, Veracruz
campground - tent rental is available