Rancho Los Amigos ia working farm with an ecological bent on the edge of Laguna Sontecomapan north of

Juan Vega, a well know raconteur in Catemaco, originally from Cordoba, obtained title to the ranch in the early 1990's and since
then has been attempting to turn his 25 acres of cattle pastures into a Tuxtlas paradise. He succeeded! And the acres are now
one of the next best public jungles to visit in Los Tuxtlas.

In 2002 the ranch began offering tourist accommodations, and a new son in law is asserting fresh influence on operating the
ranch at an ecological maximum, promoting recycling, sustainability and Indian mysticism.
View from atop one of the hills above Rancho Los Amigos
This mini eco resort offers fresh milk, fresh eggs, fresh veggies and accomodations as low as 160 pesos per person including
breakfast. Matrimonial cabins with private baths, magnificent views and oversize mattresses rate 450 pesos. If you are Mexican and
travel in a pack of 8 or more, the rancho will also accommodate you.

The rancho is so attractive, that a few gringos have built hide-aways on its hills.

Satellite internet is now prominent on the rancho, but do not look for TV or cellular phone connections. This is the end of the Los
Tuxtlas world in 2010.  
The kitchen is manned by family serving home cooking. Fresh fish is always available, if not, they send someone out to catch
one.  Originally designed for ecologists with a primitive bend, the rancho still offers hammock accommodations at 50 pesos
The rancho is interwoven with numerous jungle  trails, including one that is passable by a quad bike in case you run out
of breath climbing a hill. Several kayaks and canoes are available for rent and numerous boat trips can be arranged to
visit neighboring natural wonders, or the village of La Barra.
The rancho is isolated. The only access is via boats or a long swim.
Closest access points are the Sontecomapan docks and La Barra beach.
Driving from Catemaco to Sontecomapan takes about half an hour. Guarded parking is available.
Pirate communal taxis run from the north of Catemaco, take 30 to 45 minutes and cost 10 pesos per person.
Communal water taxis to the rancho charge 15 pesos per person, or a hundred or more pesos for a private trip.

Access from La Barra is also possible but includes a miserable 6 mile dirt road.
Layout of the rancho
Phone: (294) 943 0101
Website: www.losamigos.com.mx
map of the rancho
Rancho Los Amigos
Laguna Sontecomapan, Catemaco, Veracruz