This balneario (public swimming pool) overlooking Laguna Catemaco with an awesome view of the distant
Sierra Santa Marta deserves a mention, because it is the closest place to Catemaco where you might want to
take a swim, unless your hotel has a pool.

Except for holidays and vacation periods, the place is empty, and the restaurant is then dysfunctional. Access
is via a dirt road leading uphill past the hospital on the road to Sontecomapan.

The view is fantastic and worth the 30 peso entry fee. The small Laguna Amolapan near the entrance is also
worth a visit. At various times the laguna served as a crocodile, duck and snake breeding farm. At present it
houses sunken tree trunks, and one small crocodile. (March 2011).

The place was closed most of 2010 because of a family feud and was supposed to be remodeled. In March
2011 it reopened without being remodeled and instead is lacking some of the features portrayed below.
Catemaco to Sontecomapan Highway, km 1, then 800 feet of dirt road uphill to the facility
Contact (294) 943-0801
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