Swimming, bird watching, trail walking, horseback riding, picnicking, camping, communion with nature.
Entrance: 50 pesos
Cascadas Cristal (Crystal Waterfalls) is a private ecotouristic venture operated by the 50 hectare El Recuerdo Ranch in the ejido
Adalberto Tejado, east of Catermaco, Veracruz. The ranch borders on the major ecotouristic "resort" of Selva del Marinero on
the  edge of the nucleus of the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere.

A year round stream originating on the slopes of 2500 foot Cerro El Marinero, channels its remarkably crystalline waters
through 3 minor waterfalls enclosed in lush vegetation. The upper reaches of the ranch preserve original forests.

A formerly local gringo tour operator, now somewhat defunct, was or is scheming to develop this paradise into an ecotouristic
attraction. At present a future dining hall is half finished, a campground has been cleared, manageable stair cases to the
waterfalls have been built, and eco friendly sanitation is or was in the works.

Last update: 2010
Total mileage is about 12 miles and almost an hour drive because of poor road condition.

Entrance to the ranch is a half mile before the village of Lopez Mateos. The entrance is unmarked because the
neighboring villagers destroy the signs because of fear of competition. After the gate, about another half mile of very
For access to Catemaco see
Selva del Marinero,  a neighboring ecotouristic destination - an invitation to visit Cascadas Cristal
Catemaco ecotourism
Catemaco camping
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